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Protected designation of origin
Sangiovese Riserva 

This Reserve Sangiovese, combines richness and substance, with the maturity of tannins providing a persuasive and silky mouth.
It is obtained from a selection of grapes harvested when fully ripe, chosen for their richness and their fleshy fruit.
The name recalls the shelters (rifugi) still visible around the winery that were dug out by civilians in the sand of the Sabbioni during the Second World War as shelter from the bombings.
These high, narrow tunnels saved the lives of thousands of people.


Denomination: Romagna Sangiovese Superiore Riserva
Subzone: Oriolo
Place of production: Castiglione di Forlì
Alcohol by volume: 13.5%
Ampelographic base: Sangiovese in purity-Mass selection of large-grape population
Soil type: pure yellow sands (Messinian molasses)

Altitude: 70m above sea level
Exposure: North-Eastern
Slope: 5%
Number of plants per hectare: 8000
Growing system: Alberello (6 productive buds per plant)
Productivity: 800g  per plant
Harvesting method: by hand
Agricultural method: integrated, low environmental impact with use of organic fertilizers

Harvesting period: first ten days of October
Vinification: fermentation in steel at controlled temperature and average 30 days maceration
Aging: twelve months in French oak tonneaux ( Allier and Troncais Forests) and at least six in the bottle
Available bottle sizes: 0.75 litres