Extra virgin olive oil

Pure Colline is very delicate oil that on the nose expresses hints of yellow fruit and broom flowers. In the mouth it is very clear, tasty and gentle. The finish is reminiscent of garden vegetables with an unusual spicy note that veers to ginger. A beautifully balanced mouth, clean and full of taste.

The name is a tribute to the poet Eugenio Montale whose poetry has ennobled the simplest things of Italian culture and is inspired by the verses “Pure colline chiudevano d’intorno marina e case; ulivi le vestivano qua e là disseminati come greggi…” (“Yet hills surrounded shore and houses; olives dressed them, scattered here and there like herds…”) from the poem ‘End of Childhood’ in the collection ‘Cuttlefish bones’.

Harvesting period: 2017/2018
Category: Extra virgin olive oil
Oleic acid: 0,21 %
Peroxide number: 6,0 (meq O2/Kg oil)
Total Polyphenols: 463 (mg/Kg gallic acid)
K232: 1,62
Delta K: < 0,003
Cultivar: native Brisighella and Leccino
Place of production: Castiglione di Forlì
Soil type: red clays and yellow sands (Messinian molasses)

Altitude: 120m above sea level
Exposure: North-west
Slope: 5-10%
Number of plants per hectare: 330
Growing system: Polyconic vase
Harvesting method: by hand
Agricultural method: integrated, low environmental impact with use of organic fertilizers
Harvesting period: first ten days of November
Available bottle sizes: 0.50 litres